Film Club Movie Club is a vibrant cinematic tradition with a diverse membership that has widely differing needs. For many attendees, one of these needs is free and frank exploration of cinematic and spiritual truths as they relate to the complexities of today’s society. Some crave stimulating discussions of contemporary scholarship, literature, and social issues. Others find great comfort being able to drink hand crafted sodas and watch Bruce Willis smash a car into a flying helicopter.

Through its many forums, Film Club Movie Club serves all levels of media scholars and many others for whom life, faith, and cinema is a wonderful and unique adventure. FCMC is committed to promoting an atmosphere that values faith, beverage, camraderie, surround sound, hamartia, subtitles, rocket launchers, mythos, ethos, transcendental moments, and intellectual and experiential integrity.

Meetings will typically be held on the last thursday of each month.

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